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Dia Market

Proximity format

Surface between 400 and 700 m2.
Expanded offer of perishables.

Dia Maxi

Attraction format

Surface area of between 700 and 1000 m2 in suburban areas.
Customer parking.
Over 3,500 references.


Specialists in household goods, beauty and health

Nearly 6,000 references.
Surface area of between 160 and 260 m in urban areas.

La Plaza de Dia

Family proximity supermarket

Broad selection of perishables and personalized customer service.
Over 7,500 references, of which 1,500 are fresh.
300, 500, 700 or 1,000 m2  in urban areas.

MAx descuento

Specializing in providing service to professionals and self-employed in the hotel and restaurant sector and collectives.

Product range exceeding 4,000 references.

Cada día

Stores in small centres, particularly rural areas, that do not require investments in store infrastructure.

Managed by franchisees

Mini preço

Covers two types of stores in the Portuguese market:

Minipreço Market: local stores in urban centres: Surface area of 250-400 m2 and a product range of 3,000 references.

Minipreço Family: attraction to the periphery: Surface area up to 1,000 m2 with covered parking and up to 4,500 references.


Stores used for the franchise format in China and for certain brand assignment agreements to third parties in other markets.

Mais perto

Stores in rural areas in the Portuguese market, that do not require investments in store infrastructure.

Managed by franchisees.



Traditional DIA product range: cold, liquid, cellulose, pharmacy, bazaar, etc.


Perfume and personal hygiene.



Pet food and care.

Baby Smile, Junior Smile

Baby and child’s world products.

Basic Cosmetic

Decorative cosmetic products.


Gourmet products.

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