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Value generated and distributed

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Gross sales under the DIA banner amounted to EUR-10.550bn, 10.2% higher than in the previous year in local currency. The positive business performance implied the enrichment of the areas in which the group is present, through the creation of employment, the promotion of ancillary activities arising from the work of suppliers and subcontractors, and the payment of taxes to Public Administrations.

Economic value generated, distributed and retained
  12/31/2015 12/31/2016
Economic value generated 9,113,544 8,995,115
Net business turnover 8,925,454 8,867,621
Other income 96,215 110,976
Tax and profits 82,610 -
Financial income 9,265 12,089
Income from intangible assets - 4,336
Income from companies using the equity method - 93
Economic value distributed 8,710,634 8,703,283
Goods and other consumables 7,018,881 6,942,007
Personnel expenses 847,233 846,103
Operating expense 644,034 653,549
Income from intangible assets 12,340 -
Financial expenses 65,291 64,121
Tax on profits - 69,119
Dividends (*) 122,855 128,384
Economic value retained 402,910 291,832

(*) Dividends at 12/31/2016 correspond to the proposed distribution of profit for financial year 2016 that will be submitted for approval, while dividens at 12/31/2015 correspond to those paid in financial year 2016 against the previous year's profit.

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