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DIA in 2016

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Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación S.A., DIA, is a food, pharmacy, health and beauty distribution company, listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange, which has establishments in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and China.

Dia’s goal is to offer consumers solutions to their food and high-volume consumer goods needs based on a single market commitment to quality and price, while also satisfying the needs of DIA's employees, franchisees, suppliers and shareholders, as well as the society in which the company carries out its activity.

Financial indicators
  2015 2016
Gross sales under banner 10,546.7 10,550
Net sales 8,925.5 8,867.6
Adjusted EBITDA 610.1 625.1
Investment 563.3 345.4
Net debt 1,132.4 878.3
Adjusted net income 254.1 258.6

Shareholder composition

  2015 2016
Sustainability indicators
Number of employees (average workforce) 46,258 44,481
Training hours (thousands) 374 476
Health and Safety    
Work Accidents 2,527 2,677
Work absenteeism (%) 6.44 5.58
Investments in environmental improvements (millions of euros) 26.955 6.96
CO2 emissions (millions of kg of eq. CO2) 131,170 142,502
Electricity consumption (Kwh/m2) 309.08 334.07

Shareholder structure

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