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Environmental Policy

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Environmental Policy

The DIA Group is aware of its responsibility toward the environment and considers it fundamentally important to establish general principles to govern the management and planning of the company’s activities that integrate energy efficiency and sustainability criteria.

The purpose of this policy is to express the DIA Group’s commitments in this area:

  • Comply with current environmental law in every one of the countries in which the DIA Group is present.
  • Promote responsible use of resources.
  • Apply sustainability and eco-design criteria as we develop our products and packaging.
  • Manage the waste generated via a prioritisation model that favours prevention, reuse, recycling, and recovery.
  • Take measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Work actively to identify opportunities to improve by developing and implementing environmental auto-diagnostic procedures.
  • Encourage our personnel via training and awareness campaigns to actively help implement these commitments.

To work with clear commitment to improve continually and prevent the Group’s activities from impacting the environment.

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