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External Relations Policy

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External Relations Policy

The DIA Board of Directors approves the corporate social responsibility policy, whose principles include creating and maintaining fluid and responsible communications with interest groups.

Communications with shareholders is included in investor relations. Communications with employees is included in the company’s HR policy. Communications with customers and the media with regard to advertising is included in our marketing and public relations policy.

Communications with the media with regard to the provision of information, and also communications with public administrative authorities and third parties not included in the paragraph above are included in this present document.

In conformity with the stipulations in our CSR policy, our external relations policy promotes reaching the objectives the company has specified in its strategic plan and achieving a better market position.

Basic principles

  • Information provided to the media, regulatory bodies, and any associative network, regardless of its social purpose, shall be based on transparency, accessibility, freedom of expression, equal treatment, and mutual respect.
  • The following are the tools to guarantee information is transmitted fluidly to the media: the corporate webpage, which shall always be duly kept up to date, the press room, press releases, personal and group meetings with interested media, and the social network communications channels whenever possible.
  • Relations with regulatory bodies are maintained via bilateral meetings or the company’s representative sectorial associations. All meetings with regulatory bodies shall maintain the principles of legality, respect for competitive freedom, and political neutrality. In addition, when conducing such relations, all company employees shall follow the DIA Group code of ethics principles expressed in the anti-corruption policy.
  • Relations with associative networks, whether they be sectorial or public, shall be conducted with respect for the interests of both parties, liberty of expression, and transparency.

The company has developed a monitoring system that uses indicators to assess the degree to which this policy is being followed.

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