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Franchise Relationship Policy

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Franchise Relationship Policy

The general principles of the policy for relationships with franchises are the same as the company’s values: effectiveness, initiative, respect, team spirit and customer focus. The relationship that DIA has with its franchisees is based on DIA’s code of ethics, which is available on its corporate website at www.diacorporate.com.

The guiding principles for development and the relationship with the franchise are the following:

  • The DIA group’s franchising activity is undergoing constant further development, including with regards to compliance with the law of each country, the accuracy of information shared, and the fulfilment of the agreements signed with the franchisees, their legal and financial independence, as well as the ability to organise and manage their staff effectively.
  • The company offers an effective business model, which was previously applied to the company’s own shops, as well as the innovations made by DIA in its different formats.
  • The goal of the relation with the franchise is as follows:
    • Constant improvement
    • Teamwork
    • Customer recognition
    Such service takes place using a system that utilises a number of channels and tools and that is characterised by responsibility, seamlessness and two-way communication. The communication tools are: franchise satisfaction surveys, the franchise webpage, newsletters, focus groups and the personal relationship between DIA as a company and its franchises, without these tools posing any limitations to the development of new communication channels.
  • The training, support, assistance and ongoing consultation for the franchisee are always focussed on allowing his or her business to develop and improve.
  • The resolution of disagreements is based on goodwill, communication and negotiation from both sides, promoting a dialogue and solutions for reconciliation.
  • DIA recognises the franchisees’ contribution to the success of the company and to the invigoration of the local economy and employment.

The company conducts other types of business such as the export of products or the assignment of trademarks which, although not constituting a franchise business, is governed by the same basic principles as those set out in this policy.

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