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Exponential growth of loyalty

In order to make further inroads in terms of consumer relations, for the last 18 years the DIA Group has maintained a loyalty tool that allows it to know the needs, tastes and preferences of its customers and, consequently, the company organizes personalized offers adapted to their profiles. Club DIA is a tool used in relation to the company’s proximity concept, providing benefits to more than 37 million customers in all the countries in which the group operates.

This loyalty system grants exclusive advantages to card users, while rewarding the frequency of its customers, allowing access to more than 250 products at reduced prices, bi-weekly promotions, and discount coupons that can take up to 50% off.

Brazil has been the latest country where the company has a presence to implement the advantages of the Club DIA card. In 2016, it has been implemented throughout the territory of the state of Sao Paulo and now has more than 4 million loyalty customers.

At present, 76% of the company’s total sales are made using the loyalty card, which makes Club DIA a fundamental tool in terms of business growth and consolidation.

In spite of the differences and specific characteristics in consumption habits in the different countries in which the company operates, the Club DIA card continues to prove to be a valid and exportable model, gaining new members every year in the markets in which it is present. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the over one million new members in Spain and Argentina, as well as the 4 million in Brazil.

At the close of 2016, more than 1.7 billion coupons were generated, compared to 1.65 billion in the previous year.

In 2016, a large part of these coupons also began to be digitalised, for the purpose of completing the needs of customers increasingly accustomed to operating in this environment. This project has been started in Spain, with the issue of 46 million digital coupons at the close of the financial year.

  Year of launch Households with card (millions) Percentage of sales*
Spain 1998 19.71 69%
Portugal 2000 4.22 68%
Argentina 2006 7.45 91%
China 2012 2.31 86%
Brazil (Sao Paulo) 2015 4.16 66%
Total   37.86 76%

(*)Average 2016

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