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New active listening systems

Spain: Offline and online customer surveys

In keeping with the strategy of increased closeness to the customer, the last financial year saw the implementation in Spain of a new listening system that aims to gain first-hand knowledge of the customers’ shopping experience, both in the offline and online channels. Accordingly, customers who use the Club DIA loyalty card to make a purchase in one of the group’s stores receive an email with a brief questionnaire that evaluates the service received from the store employees, as well as their final experience at the cash registers. During 2016, the company has made progress in the implementation of its system of direct listening in group stores, sending out more than nine million questionnaires and obtaining a response rate of 7%.

This system provides DIA with information that is used to develop initiatives related to service and efficiency improvements.

Online customers have also received these questionnaires, and the objective is the same: a continuous improvement of the customer experience. The company conducts a satisfaction survey, under the name of Opinators, in order to gain knowledge of the experience and sensations of users of the company’s online service in Spain.

Following their first order, each customer is sent a questionnaire after the order has been received at home, and at the end of the year, another questionnaire is sent out for a general evaluation of the service, attention and other parameters relating to the online shopping experience. In 2016, more than 90,000 questionnaires were sent out.

Argentina: Listening through loyalty

In keeping with the commitment to internationalization of any project implemented by the company, in 2016 development began on a listening system in Argentina under the name of “Mi experiencia DIA”. Based on the same system used in Spain, loyalty customers were sent a brief online questionnaire to evaluate the service received in the store. In the case of Argentina, face-to-face surveys were also conducted by supervisors, which complete the online version of these queries. These listening systems generate 40,000 monthly interviews, both online and face-to-face.

In the first three months of this experience, more than 50,000 loyalty customers responded to the survey in Argentina, and these responses are sent to a committee in charge of passing on the conclusions to the different customer departments so they take action accordingly.

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