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Large community of customers

In line with the strategy of increased closeness to customers and their needs, for many years the DIA Group has been developing different commercial communication and marketing actions aimed at the creation of a community of DIA customers that become involved and contribute their personal view of the business as well as areas for improvement.

Spain: 'Demos la Vuelta al DIA'

In Spain, the community of customers “Demos la vuelta al DIA” (Turn the DAY around) continued to bring those who enjoy cooking close to the world of gastronomy and food. Through this project, the company offers the possibly of participating in a cooking competition, attending free cooking courses, taking part in talks and tastings, visiting supplier factories, and receiving recipe packs with DIA products.

In 2016, more than 450 events and cooking courses with some of the most prestigious chefs on the national culinary scene were held; more than 116,000 customers took part, and over 5,000 product prize packs were distributed.

The different communication channels are essential for a direct relationship with the customer. DIA Spain has a customer magazine called “Club DIA”, which has a circulation of 700,000 copies. It provides useful content relating to food, new commercial items, recipes, and practical household tips.

Argentina: Experts in savings

Argentina was the first country to create a community of customers for sharing information and exchanging experiences related to DIA’s business model. Under the name of “Expertas en Ahorro”, a community was founded in 2013 which, only three years later, has become quite an event in the country. In fact, at the close of 2016, the community of Experts in Savings had over three million loyalty customers who can benefit from different offers, attend events and cooking workshops or stay informed of the latest company news.

In December 2016, Buenos Aires held the VI National Encounter of Experts in Savings, in which more than 3,200 people took part. As in the previous year, participants had to previously register on the DIA fan page in Argentina and make a donation in the form of a toy or book that the company then gave to the Fundación Sí and Fundación Manos en Acción of Argentina.

Under the umbrella of “Expertas en Ahorro”, DIA Argentina has a weekly television programme called Expertas TV. The programme is broadcast through YouTube, where well-known figures get together to talk about new items, prepare recipes using DIA products, and provide savings-related advice. In 2016, the programme renewed its second season.

As for Social Networks, in Argentina DIA has a significant community loyal to the business model with more than 1.7 million fans on Facebook, which is mainly supported by the different loyalty activities carried out in the Experts in Savings community and on its television channel.

Likewise, DIA Argentina has a monthly magazine called “Expertas”, created with the same aim of getting closer to customers. The magazine has a circulation of 55,000 copies, covering various topics relating to family, health, style, shows, wellbeing, ecology, horoscopes, and pets, among others. The content is conceived and developed to suit the tastes and interests of its readers: housewives and professional women between the ages of 25 and 70.

Brazil: Specialists in Economy

In 2016, DIA Brazil set up its own community of customers under the name of “Especialistas en Economía” where, as in Spain and Argentina, it holds courses, workshops, tastings, and other activities focusing on savings and raising awareness of products and the DIA model. In this first stage, 14 meetings of specialists were held in which 600 people participated. In total, more than 30,000 customers have already decided to join this new community in Brazil.

Brazil also has a loyalty magazine “Revista DIA”, with a circulation of 10,000 copies that provides information about the different DIA product offers and company news. In 2016, it launched an application for both the iOS and Android systems, to make the digitalized magazine available on mobile devices. At the close of 2016, this application had been downloaded more than 25,000 times, making it the most downloaded application in the retail sector in Brazil.

China: complementarity between the offline and online environment

During 2016, China focused a large part of its efforts on two-way communication with digital customers. Taking advantage of the resources of the country’s most-used instant messaging application, WeChat, DIA has implemented different options that specifically seek this complementarity between the offline and online environments.

The messaging application has a DIA application to find information about promotions, lifestyle, digital brochures, store locations and rapid access to the company’s e-commerce platform. In addition, China has a magazine aimed at customers called Club DIA Magazine, which is published twice a year (January and June), with a circulation of 200,000 copies.

To further pursue direct contact with customers, DIA China conducts a satisfaction survey twice a year for loyalty customers regarding product range and store services.

Communication actions with the client
Name Description Nº of users in 2016 Country
Demos la Vuelta al DIA Gastronomic community of customers + 116,000 Spain
Experts in savings Community of customers + 3 Millions Argentina
Experts in economy Community of customers 30,000 Brazil
Revista Club DIA Quaterly magazine for customers 770,000 copies Spain
Revista Expertas Monthly magazine for customers 55,000 copies Argentina
Revista DIA Monthly magazine for customers 10,000 copies Brazil
Club DIA Magazine Bi-anual magazine for customers 200,000 copies China
Expertas TV Online Televisión channel More than 350,000 monthly views Argentina
Customer satisfaction survey Surveys on customer experience + 9 million sent Spain, Argentina and China
Opinators Customer surveys regarding the online shopping experience 90,000 Spain
Social Networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Wechat + 2 million followers Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, China

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