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Awards and Honours

The work and performance of the DIA Group during 2016 was recognised by various associations and organisations. Among the awards received by the company in the 2016 financial year, the most noteworthy are:

Human resources

Premio Cegos 2016

The DIA Group was distinguished in 2016 with the Cegos con Equipos&Talento Award 2016 in the category of Organisational Management for the initiative “DIA Saludable” (Healthy DIA) for employees of DIA Spain.

These awards give recognition each year to the initiatives of organisations that are committed to organisational change and the development of people, contributing value to actions and differentiating themselves in the market.

In its seven editions, more than 700 companies have presented projects to distinguish themselves and to be more competitive.


Seal of Franchise Excellence in Brazil

In Brazil, the DIA Group again obtained the seal of Franchise Excellence in 2016, a prestigious award of recognition in the sector due to the demanding criteria used, including numerous direct interviews with franchisees.

Operations and business

Conecta Award for the most innovative and sustainable project

In Spain, the Mercados magazine, in collaboration with Fruit Attraction, awarded the 2016 Conecta prize for the most innovative and sustainable project to the DIA Group for the installation of refrigeration units of mixed refrigeration and climate control that take advantage of condensation heat in winter for interior heating in the establishments.

The system has enabled a 25% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional units and forms part of the commitment to sustainability and constant effort by the company to reduce its ecological footprint and impact on the environment.

Social action

Awards from Food Banks of Madrid, Valladolid and Asturias

In Spain, the Food Banks of Madrid, Valladolid, and Asturias recognised the work carried out by the DIA Group regarding the distribution of food with awards and special mentions.

Since 2009, the company has collaborated on a regular basis with various food banks throughout Spain, which, year after year, have led it to increase the number of deliveries made

Red Cross Awards for DIA in Spain in the area of labour insertion and employment

The Spanish Red Cross granted a special mention to the DIA centres in Santiago, Vigo, Jaén, and Cádiz for their support to the Red Cross employment plan and for being a collaborating company in labour insertion projects.


Trofeo Seguritecnia for the best safety user

The company was one of the award winners at the “Trofeos Internacionales de la Seguridad” (International Safety Trophies), organised by the Spanish educational magazine, Seguritecnia. The awards, which are celebrating their 30th edition this year, highlight the merits and actions of people, entities, and institutions that have encouraged the development of the sector during the year.

Award of Merit for Private Security of the Regional Government of Catalonia

The DIA Security Department received the Trophy of Merit in the area of private security granted by the Government of Catalonia for the company’s close and direct collaboration with security forces.

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