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Customer project

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Customer project

Getting closer to customers and gaining a better understanding of them involved staff at all levels of the company through the project known as “Proyecto Cliente”. This is a transversal plan aimed at enhancing the shopping experience of DIA customers, mainly focusing on two parameters: experience in establishments with the “Experiencia Cliente” project and involvement of employees at all levels through the “Actitud Cliente” project.

Like all projects developed internally by the company, it has had an initial implementation stage and development in Spain, which is to be rolled out to the rest of the Group’s countries in subsequent years.

For the implementation of the “Experiencia Cliente” project, during 2016 a qualitative study was carried out in Spain to identify the key points known as the Customer Journey; there was also a quantitative aspect to deal with prioritising these key points, differentiating between the formats in which the initial stage of the project began, DIA Market and DIA Maxi.

To this end, more than 5,000 DIA customers were surveyed, along with 1,500 employees and 600 non-customers, defining a set of improvement initiatives associated with each group, elaborating a detailed file of each proposal to be implemented.

Among the measures implemented in the store during 2016 to enhance this experience, note the strengthening of the bakery and fresh produce section, the installation of a public address system to improve communication with customers, more efficient restocking mechanisms, and the review of cash register protocols, among others.

The initiatives developed as a result of the “Experiencia Cliente” project served in turn as a complement to another project focusing on improving customer experience and satisfaction, “Actitud Cliente”. This programme, initiated during the past financial year, seeks to improve the attitude and commitment of the group’s employees in terms of customer satisfaction through training workshops involving all staff, from top management to entry-level employees.

In a first stage, reflection workshops were organized with national management, warehouses, stores and headquarters to foster customer-oriented behaviour and, in turn, define action plans for improvement. This gave rise to initiatives that are already being applied to improve employee involvement in customer satisfaction, such as thank-you cards for customers, recognition of people and teams of stores that provide a better service and telephone customer service protocol for all employees.

In Spain alone, more than 14,400 training hours were given in 2016 as part of the “Actitud Cliente” project, benefiting 2,000 professionals of all profiles, from offices, warehouses, and stores.

Participants Listening processes Main initiatives Store Formats Number of people involved and training hours
Management Committee Training Workshops Strengthening of the bakery and fresh section DIA Market 5,000 customers
Administration and management Direct surveys of customers and non-customers Installation of public address system in stores DIA Maxi 3,000 employees
Employees of Stores and warehouses Follow-up groups More efficient restocking mechanisms   600 DIA non-customers
DIA customers and non-customers   Revision of cash register protocols   14,000 hours

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