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Direct contact with the customer: Social Networks

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Direct contact with the customer: Social Networks

This direct and constant communication with the customer plays a significant role in the work carried out in the various social networks and commercial channels that the company has in all countries. Real-time information, issues relating to store functioning, and new product items are some of the topics most discussed through these channels, also helping to increase customer loyalty.

In 2016, the DIA Group opened two new corporate channels, complementing the existing commercial channels, from which it provides institutional information, press releases and official communications in the company’s two official languages: Spanish and English.

Accordingly, in January 2016 a new corporate profile was set up on Twitter, which serves as a communication channel with external agents and extends beyond customers to include the press, shareholders, investors, NGOs or government institutions, among others.

The Clarel chain of stores in Spain also has its own social networks, through which it organizes contests, offers beauty advice and receives feedback from its customers.

The direct and permanent contact with consumers is completed with customer service. During financial year 2016, these services dealt with and analysed more than 113,000 requirements regarding matters relating to stores, products, opening hours, online service, etc.

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