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2017-2019 Human Resources Strategic Plan

In July 2016, the Human Resources Strategic Plan was submitted to the DIA Group’s Board of Directors. The fundamental pillar of this three-year strategic plan focuses on three key elements for the fulfilment of objectives:

  • Customer focus: Give continuity to and reinforce actions initiated in recent years to increase the customer-oriented focus of employees, which constitutes a basic pillar of the DIA Group’s strategy.
  • Digital Transformation: Give impetus to necessary organisational and cultural changes for the digital transformation of the organisation.
  • Employee focus: Work on meeting the needs of the “100% Love My Job” project, which brings together a series of actions focusing on the employee, aimed at achieving greater commitment of the latter to the company project.

Listening work: 2016 Climate and Commitment Survey

The second Climate and Commitment Survey took place in September and October 2016 at group level, with the participation of more than 22,000 people, reaching 48% of the current workforce. This number represents a 10% increase versus the last climate survey conducted in 2013.

The level of participation is worthy of mention in countries such as China, Argentina, or Brazil, where it was above 70%.

In a broad sense, the most improved category has been that of the customer, which has increased by 9% since 2013, as well as employee satisfaction with their immediate superior, increasing to the same level as other large companies in the retail sector worldwide and, in some cases, above the valuation of companies in the countries in which the DIA Group operates.

Likewise, as result of the active participation of the employees, the company is aware of the need to pursue improvements in internal communication channels, as well as to provide information about the most immediate business plans among its collaborators at all levels.

During December 2016, the results dissemination process was initiated for all employees and will be extended to the first quarter of 2017, along with their associated action plans, to reach all employees of the DIA Group.

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