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Diversity and integration

The DIA Group works to integrate collectives with disabilities in all the countries where it operates. At the close of 2016, a total of 525 people with some type of physical or intellectual disability formed part of the workforce, and DIA Brazil is the country with the largest number of staff with disabilities, with a total of 264 people.

For the fifth consecutive year, on 3 December DIA celebrated International Disability Day, to raise awareness about the integration of people with different abilities in all of the Group’s countries.

In Spain, DIA works closely with various Foundations and Associations, in particular Fundación Once, with which it works to integrate people into the company through internships, direct hiring or indirect hiring of goods and services, reaching agreements with Special Employment Centres (companies with a minimum of 70% of staff with some sort of disability).

In 2016, the Chinese government implemented a law that requires businesses to have 1.5% of jobs filled by people with disabilities. From the beginning of the year, DIA China offered this opportunity for the insertion of people with disabilities, with integration representing 1.5% of the workforce at 31 December.

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