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More training and more tools

  Year Argentina Brazil China Spain Portugal Total
Training 2015 442 15,567 95 182 866 17,152
2016 845 16,928 81 483 851 19,188
Total 1,287 32,495 176 665 1,717 36,340
Hours train 2015 37,310 151,998 9,602 46,421 67,484 312,814
2016 60,279 234,405 6,543 111,086 58,995 471,307
Total 97,589 386,403 16,145 151,507 126,478 784,122


2015 2,765 9,108 754 2,632 3,972 19,231
2016 4,868 10,495 468 9,767 4,268 29,866
Total 7,633 19,603 1,222 12,399 8,240 49,097

The DIA Group has an active policy in the area of talent retention and training that identifies, recognises, and fosters the value that different profiles generate for the organisation. For this reason, the company maintains a constant and differentiated commitment to ongoing training for all of its personnel. During 2016, the company dedicated more than 471,000 training hours to over 29,800 employees of stores, warehouses, and headquarters in all the countries in which it operates.

In all of its countries, the company has a total of 31 own training centres for employees of its establishments. In 2016, it opened two new training centres in Spain and Brazil, with the aim of complementing and providing more in-depth training of new profiles. In the group’s training centres, new employees are trained to perform functions in the store in an eminently practical manner. Specific training is also carried out at logistics centres focusing on the efficient use of tools and machinery and, like the other profiles, to guarantee the occupational safety of the workers.

Accordingly, 2016 was characterised by numerous actions focusing on the updating of store operations, which has allowed the training team to roll out a series of new operational procedures for all employees in the store network for the immediate adaptation of the teams.

In 2016, a transversal training project was also undertaken for all employees of the group in which it explains, through information clips in video format, the functionalities of Google tools and applications used by the company to improve collaborative work and communication, in addition to providing technological solutions that facilitate the work of employees.

2016 saw the launch of e-learning training on the new Code of Ethics and the Ethical Principles that inspire it, with the aim of disseminating it with to all employees. This training, translated into four languages, was launched in Spain and China for personnel of offices of Headquarters and Regional Centres during November and December, and will be rolled out in America and Portugal during the first quarter of 2017. At the close of 2016, 2,981 employees had received training on the Code of Ethics..

The "Actitud CLIENTE” (Customer Attitude) project was one of the main training themes during 2016. This is a transversal plan aimed at enhancing the shopping experience of DIA customers, focusing efforts mainly on two parameters: experience in establishments with the “Experiencia Cliente” (Customer Experience) project and involvement of employees at all levels through the “Actitud Cliente” project.

Like all projects developed internally by the company, it had an initial implementation and development stage in Spain that will be applied in subsequent years in the rest of the Group’s countries. In Spain alone, over 14,400 training hours were given for the “Actitud Cliente” project in 2016, benefiting 2,000 staff of all profiles, in offices, warehouses, and stores..

It is worth noting the effort that has also been made in language training, where 16% of employees already use the on-line methodology.

Training in Headquarters and offices

During 2016, Headquarters and offices began to train employees in new work methodologies such as:

  • Design Thinking and other methodologies relating to innovation projects applied to customer experience.
  • Product Owner Agile Methodology.
  • Individual and Team Coaching.

In turn, new training methodologies have been incorporated, such as “serious game” e-learning for the development of negotiating capacity and Time Management.

Training at stores and warehouses

DIA provides practical high-quality occupational training to people who choose job positions in stores. People are trained in how to manage a sales terminal (cash register), as well as in DIA values and basic concepts such as product placement, customer service, and teamwork.

To meet the growing demand for the training of store and warehouse personnel in Spain, a new National Training Centre was opened in 2016, featuring traditional training rooms and newly created ones, as is the case of “Aula de la Tierra” (meat) and “Aula del Mar” (fish). These rooms are intended for the theoretical/practical training of our meat cutters, deli cutters and fish cutters and are equipped with all the necessary equipment to train staff.

In regard to the warehouses in Spain, leadership training has been implemented for intermediate management, with the aim of establishing and standardising the management style of the warehouse teams.

For the Clarel banner, training has also been increased, both in terms of product as well sales technique, linked to a new system of sales incentives.

In Portugal, progress has been made in the “Market III” training programme project for own staff, as an integral part of the strategy to promote sales and offer customers a better shopping experience: “Customer Service and Sales” and “Perishables”.

The DIA Corporate University in Brazil continues operating at full capacity, updating the expertise of professionals at all levels. In 2016, the training of the Expansion Team and of Area and Operation Managers was initiated, with the aim of improving service to franchisees, one of the company’s pillars.

Argentina launched the DIA Academy in 2016, which has three schools for training personnel.

Employee training focused on the franchise

To raise awareness and ensure greater participation of own employees in the franchise business, the DIA Group has undertaken a series of training plans aimed at providing knowledge about and improving processes.

Accordingly, in 2016 Argentina launched a new training and communication resource with franchisees through video conferences. In these video conferences, own employees dedicated to providing support to franchises and franchisees discuss important matters pertaining to the management of the business.

An “Initial Training Plan and Follow-up of Openings” has been launched in Portugal for franchisees. This programme will last for three years from the start of the activity of the franchisee.

In DIA China, the training effort has focused on Service Managers, who supervise groups of stores, both own stores and franchises, in everything related to human resources management and hiring, in order to improve recruitment and employee retention.

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