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Internal communications

In regard to communication with employees in Spain, the number of people registered on the internal DIA Portal has continued to increase and a similar site has been launched for Clarel, with a very positive response. During 2016, a new Social Portal was developed for all employees of the group in all countries that will be unveiled in the second half of 2017, and which will give service to all employees of the group, either through a PC or through a smartphone with an own app.

In Brazil, the use of social networks has been strengthened with the aim of transmitting immediate communications to employees - mainly stores - containing information on internal campaigns. Work has also been carried out on other campaigns to increase the participation of employees and their commitment to the company, such as: the Loss Reduction and Prevention Campaign or the Experts in Economy Campaign.

In order to detect problems with store employees, the Brazil HR teams have launched a campaign to increase their presence in DIA Brazil stores. Thanks to this, greater proximity to employees has been achieved and aspects relating to health and safety, internal communication, and human resource management have been improved.

Argentina has continued with the “Un DIA en Familia” (DIA Family Day) campaign for employees of Central Headquarters and at Warehouses, in which more than 1,700 people participated. It consists of an activity of closeness and feeling a sense of belonging to the company.

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