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Equal opportunities

The DIA Group is a company committed to equal employment opportunities. Female workers account for 65% of the total workforce, and this percentage is 38% in management positions at group level, reaching 46% in countries such as Spain and 60% in China.

The distribution of the workforce by country at the end of 2016 was as follows:

Graphic distribution of workforce by sex and country

Workforce gender distribution at 31/12/2016

To achieve effective gender equality, the Group appropriately controls and publicises selection processes, promotions and job training, and also guarantees equal pay for jobs of equal value.

In order to foster equal opportunities for all members of the workforce in Spain, an Equality Plan was set up in 2012. Evidence of the good functioning of this plan is that in 2016, 39% of promotions to professional groups other than those in which they started were for female personnel.               

In keeping with the company’s commitment to the dissemination of equal opportunities, in March 2016, at the International Women's Day, the DIA Group in Spain subscribed to the “Decálogo Compromiso por la Igualdad" (Commitment to Equality Guidelines) of the Madrid Woman's Week Foundation.

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